Punks Not Dead?

G I made my own evolution, Now I'm living without illusions, B7 G C Now I'm not so straight as I was. G Too many people were involved, But then I found out that they were sold, B7 G They were sold by themselves. Am D But who really wants to stuff, Am D A white Kleenex up my mouth? Am B Or rush to the toilet and slash their wrists, C D But who really cares - no one gets pissed. Your brain's a mess and that is fine, It corresponds to mine - Fine. You can not pass your twenty-nine. Too mad? Your rage? We'll cool you down, Lay in your grave - don't misbehave, Lay - this is your grave. But who says we've been glued by the liquor, By the ones that were smarter and quicker, But who knows if Beatles raped Naive, And who knows if they're too naive to believe that, Am D G Punks not dead? Am D G Punks not dead? Am D G Punks not dead? You only wanna screw and kill, Anything to make you ill - KILL! So that the vomit washes off my tears. Too many wounds that never bled, Too many magnums at my head, Now, now I decided to stop it all. But whales that piece of paper mean? That all those suckers signed for him? They are the dirty and I am the clean, They ate my garbage, now I eat their cream! Punks not dead? Punks not dead? Punks not dead?