Intro: C Em }x4 Dm, G C People used to ride horses Em Then they moved on to cars C Then on to big jet planes and Em Rockets to the stars Dm Why's my soul any different? G Trapped in this delicate skin C I'd rather be made of titanium E And free of all my sins C I'd rather be a robot Em I'd rather be a robot C I'd rather be a robot Em While I'm in this world Dm I'd rather be a robot writing poems G On a Sunday afternoon C Перестань со мной быть сильным Em И как робот стальным, C Я ведь вижу ты устал Em И немного простыл. Dm Хватит с меня сомнений G И спокойствия хватит, C Я хочу, чтоб тебя смущало E Мое откровенное платье. C Em }x2 Dm G People are fragile And so full of fear Greed, rage and envy And wondering why we're here Robots are humble An empathetic lot And they aren't constantly tortured By the instincts that we've got